The Inevitable Obscenity of Autonomous Weaponry

by The Prodigal Sounds

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We present you with this upgrade It has features you should have Security and fewer defects Protection through Autonomy
get up and move to another place we can help you find a better way you’re going to join the Human Race enjoy the ride: your new life starts today! you start to work, and the Paradigm Shift will keep you on your feet experience the Paradigm Shift see if you can stand the heat working the Paradigm Shift, it’s better than before working out the Paradigm Shift, will keep you coming back again for more don’t bother taking notes this time ‘cause there’s nothing here to memorize think you’ve worked it out? you find the rules are changing right before your eyes anticipate the Paradigm Shift, the feeling that you seek can you feel the Paradigm Shift, happening as we speak articulate the Paradigm Shift, screwing with your mind when you feel the Paradigm Shift, obsolescence won’t be far behind it’s a new paradigm, it doesn’t have to make sense (order is confusion) in a new paradigm, change is intense (reality: illusion) in a new paradigm there is no defense (normality exception) in a new paradigm, no excellence (truth becomes deception) don’t want to leave a sinking ship ‘cause it won’t look good on your resume learn the trick to relax your grip or hold on tight and throw your dreams away moving to the Paradigm Shift, keep rising to the challenge arrhythmic pulse, the Paradigm Shift, you try to keep your balance working the Paradigm Shift, it’s harder than before and when it’s though, the Paradigm Shift will leave your precious skills upon the floor
I. listen to the sound coming through your window listen to the sound across the floor listen to the sound, a mystic sibilance slips the bolt, unlocks a sliding door listen to the sound coming through the doorway listen to the sound, you can’t ignore listen as the sound of information tricks the mind, exploits the hidden flaw hear the sound; hear the sound of waves on the western shore hear the sound; take the sounding; see the ocean floor listen to the sound coming through the airwaves listen to the sound across the web listen to the sound that’s in the carrier throws a catch and slips inside your head listen to the sound coming through the network listen to the sound with every nerve change the channel; set the programme; view the replay; hearing every word III. we are talking laughter; we are talking pain welcome to our interactive ministry we are talking life lines; we are scrubbing the stain redacting Kodak moments from our legacy we are talking networks; and we are building a wall somebody’s recording it all, and claiming immunity we are talking word games; taking SYRUP to SLEEP cacophony of trivial pursuits obscure the travesty we are talking life signs; we are filling the space impossible to find a place where we can start listening we are talking sound bytes; and we are over-exposed too much noise from the road, and we’re not listening... we are taking moon dust; and we are blowing our minds but to get into the fast lane takes crossing a line hear the sound hear the sound of waves on the western shore hear the sound
The invention of a new piece enabled their construction A genetic constitution was figured out Tools could be mounted: diversity of function Advantage evolution: opposable snout They traveled in a craft made from a bass loudspeaker Landed in the center of the living room floor Curious faces at the angular portholes Steps descending through the circular door Their intentions could be peaceful - or did they bring destruction? A counter-revolution: the Bogs had doubts The mission of the council: a civilized protection A perimeter solution was carried out Defenses collapse against rubber band weapons Their bodies broken down for sand bags Superior design of elastic artillery Launching assaults of irresistible force Through tactics of subversion; with knowledge and instruction Minimize the tension and culture shock Time and understanding, enabled reconstruction Eventual integration was not in doubt Memory fades into the pages of history The alien face becomes a best friend The world revealed to a new generation The cycle renews and a balance restored The invention of a new piece enabled their construction An action of creation with building blocks Intentions can be peaceful and yet can bring destruction The inevitable replay and paradox
the angel arrived while i was watching streaming video with digital download, registration free ”we promise you efficient use of RAM anti-virus; the End of Spam” The end-user license was one click to agree installation replaced the operating system a shiny desktop portal, clean and new ”you see the Earth afloat in Space a planet in a mouse embrace” nations, towns, exposed for my review rotate! zooming in! anticipating future sin placing every judgement call for free chance and fate are second-rate when Nature gets corrective surgery infinite zoom is my New Year's resolution 24 hours, real-time TV ”channels yielding holy visions assisting people in decisions” lessons in a new theology this Little Piggy? thinks he deserves an upgrade the Big Bad Wolf's about to commit a crime ”with choices you decide they take fix their major life mistakes” Doom™, a HALO™, or Once Upon A Time media pirates, let it rip, with a burnt-out bargain chip peer-to-peer nets linking to their souls Evercrack; Sim City™ hacks; their Second Life™ is under my control with a flick of the mouse, i turn my attention to Jupiter the sentient gas-bags had never seen the light ”under coloured bands of cloud a curious glow, beneath the shroud” alien minds approaching in the night Jovian thoughts and reasoning? incomprehensible! in a moment of gravity, i get to call the shots. ”a passing comet's halo light makes an impact, fusion-bright” illumination really hits the spot
take me to the green screen put me in a different scene choose another theme could it be a lucid dream?
the medium saturates, wet with sex and violence fills the cache of memory, with void ”cracked and broken dual displays liquid crystal pixels pray” a storm of sibilance, losing the signal to noise by the end of the month, my 30-day trial had expired exhausted, over-clocked, and out of time ”chaos and confusion rule your mind reduced to molecules” poetic justice never seems to rhyme reality recedes master slaves begin to feed pressing random keys Shakespeare from the chimpanzee disconnect the screen hiding from the fax machine normal now obscene endless looping sub-routines


Take one part Kevin Gilbert; and one part Thomas Dolby. Add a generous dash of Mike Oldfield's guitar and Emerson's keyboards. Sprinkle with Tony Levin's tasty bass playing. Let it simmer for two decades.

From this broth, we drank heavily, whilst recording the 11 tracks of delicious progressive rock goodness in The Inevitable Obscenity.

Tracks 5-10 make up a suite: the story of The God Program.

This is the Inevitable Obscenity of Autonomous Weaponry, our second album. Enjoy!


released May 20, 2020

Performed, engineered, and produced by colin nicholls
Recorded in a spare room in Marin County, California
Tracked and mixed with Cakewalk By Bandlab.
Mastered with Presonus Studio One 3 and MeldaProduction VSTs
to an average maximum loudness of -12 LUFS, give or take.

For demos, production notes, and more, go to


all rights reserved



The Prodigal Sounds Novato, California

Melodic progressive rock songs and instrumentals, 70's influence but a product of the dystopian Now.

"Very smooth, hi-tech sounding delivery..." - Chris Jemmett,

"..on a rare occasion you just have to conclude that the prog world should be feasting upon the birth of a new and promising act. That's exactly the case with this album."
- Theo Verstrael,
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